Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Codes & Standards
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This website tracks the world-wide development of about 400 hydrogen and fuel cell standards, and its matrix can be searched, using the TABS above, by the following applications or geographic areas:

  Stationary Fuel Cells International
  Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Vehicles North America
  Portable & Micro Fuel Cells  Europe  
  H2 Infrastructure      Pacific Rim  
  Misc. (Forklift Trucks, Aviation & Marine Applications, Other Fuels and Definitions) South America / Africa

This website also features:

CALENDAR includes relevant meetings, conferences and symposia

BULLETIN BOARD  for questions & answers

PDF FILES  for downloading hard copies of the TABS above

Edition Status of US standards  table of US codes and their status

Comments and meeting particulars can be addressed to: editor@fuelcellstandards.com