CSA America HPIT1
    Compressed Hydrogen Powered Industrial Trucks (forklifts) On- Board Fuel Storage and Handling Components
Under Development
     United States

Organization CSA America


CSA America HPIT 1    

Compressed Hydrogen Powered Industrial Trucks On-board Fuel Storage and Handling Components



This TAG shall develop standard(s) which provides performance based criteria and applicable details of construction for serially produced compressed hydrogen gas fuel storage and handling components constructed entirely of new unused parts and materials. This applies to powered industrial trucks powered by fuel cells or internal combustion engines. Such components include, but are not limited to (1) refillable containers intended only for the storage of compressed hydrogen for powered industrial truck operation, (2) pressure relief devices produced for use on compressed hydrogen fuel containers, and (3) other fuel handling system components. This TAG is intended to develop coverage to supplement the provisions contained in the existing hydrogen component documents listed below and provides coverage specific to powered industrial truck applications.


     Compressed Hydrogen Gas Vehicle Fuel Containers (CSA America HGV2)

     Pressure Relief Devices for Compressed Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel Containers (CSA America HPRD1)

     Fuel System Components for Compressed Hydrogen Powered Vehicles (CSA America HGV 3.1)



Published March 2015. Available at www.shop.csa.ca