ISO/TS 15869
    Gaseous Hydrogen Blends & Hydrogen Fuels: Land Vehicle Fuel Tanks

Organization International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Identification Technical Committee No. 197 Hydrogen Technologies
ISO / TS 15869

Gaseous Hydrogen and  Hydrogen Blends Land Vehicle Fuel Tanks

[with collaboration from ISO/TC22 and ISO/TC58/SC3]


ISO 15869:2009 specifies the requirements for lightweight refillable fuel tanks intended for the on-board storage of high-pressure compressed gaseous hydrogen or hydrogen blends on land vehicles.

It is not intended as a specification for fuel tanks used for solid, liquid hydrogen or hybrid cryogenic high-pressure hydrogen storage applications.

ISO 15869:2009 is applicable for fuel tanks of steel, stainless steel, aluminium or non-metallic construction material, using any design or method of manufacture suitable for its specified service conditions.

ISO 15869:2009 applies to the following types of fuel tank designs:

          Type 1: metal fuel tanks;

          Type 2: hoop-wrapped composite fuel tanks with a  m  metal liner;

          Type 3: fully wrapped composite fuel tanks with a metal liner;

          Type 4: fully wrapped composite fuel tanks with no metal liner.

Status This document was published as a Technical Specification in 2009, and is available at or

Re-confirmed in May 2013.

Under periodic review April 2016.